VELUX roof windows

The right solutions, the best outcomes

For over 75 years, we have led the way in designing innovative roof windows, developing an outstanding, market-leading product range that has helped to fill millions of homes with more daylight and fresh air.  

Every VELUX product you specify will do a great job. By choosing the right product you can make a big difference to the project and how the room functions. Bring in more daylight to transform your extension or replace your old roof windows to give your home a new lease of life.

Our products are designed to increase light and effective natural ventilation resulting in bright, fresh interiors. Our wide range of sizes, control options and finishes give you the means to make the very best of your project. 

We offer a 10 year guarantee on all roof windows and flashings, with 25 year availability on spare parts.


Centre-pivot roof windows

Centre-pivot roof windows are operated via the top control bar, making it easy to open, even with furniture beneath the window.



Top-hung roof windows

Top-hung roof windows allow you to take advantage of uninterrupted views and an increased feeling of space when opened.


GGL 207021U white paint INTEGRA

Electric roof windows

Control of your roof window is at your fingertips. The mains powered roof window is the ideal solution for out-of-reach situations


GGL 207021U white paint INTEGRA

Solar powered roof windows

Solar power roof windows feature an integrated solar cell to charge the window. No need for wiring means installation is even quicker and easier


GBL low pitch roof window

Introducing VELUX Low Pitch roof window