Why choose VELUX?

VELUX roof windows contribute to healthy indoor environments by letting in fresh air and daylight all over the world.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider a VELUX roof window:

Benefit from over 80 years of innovation

When the first VELUX roof window transformed a dark attic into a liveable space, it was a revelation. Over 80 years have passed since then but our passion for daylight, fresh air and better living environments continues to this day.

Since the original design of the very first roof window, the VELUX product range has continually been expanded upon. First came the GGL but now boasting top-hung windows and solutions for low pitched roofs.

The expansion of our product portfolio is still going at full speed to include automated windows and accessories for modern smart homes, and luxurious balcony windows - all designed with our primary goal of maximising light and ventilation coming into homes.

We're always here for you

You can always call our expert team for technical support or specification advice. They're trained to give you as much in-depth assistance on planning, installation and aftercare as you need.

Visit our dedicated customer service page for more information.

Urgent enquiry? call us now on 01592 778225

10 year guarantee

10 year guarantee

We strive to ensure the quality of all VELUX products and accessories live up to our customers exacting standards.To ensure you have peace of mind, all VELUX roof windows come with a 10-year guarantee, and our range of blinds and shutters and electrical products have a 3-year guarantee.

Full details of our guarantee can be found here.

VELUX products are extensively tested

VELUX products are designed to meet the highest quality standards and are thoroughly tested.

All our roof windows are tested to withstand year's worth of rainfall in just 15 minutes and are opened and closed 250,000 times - ensuring your products will last for decades.

VELUX focuses on sustainability

Sustainability is ingrained in everything we do. Not only do VELUX roof windows save energy and last for generations, but our production facilities strive to achieve zero waste, source responsibly and continually reduce environmental impact.

VELUX is one of the first companies in the world to take responsibility for past and future carbon dioxide emissions.

We hope our commitment will inspire other companies to become Lifetime Carbon Neutral, as only together can we create a sustainable future.