VELUX ACTIVE starter kit (KIX 300)

For VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows, blinds and shutters. Automatic, sensor-based operation. Monitors temperature, humidity and CO2 levels and automatically operates windows, blinds and shutters. Connected to VELUX ACTIVE app. Easy and fast installation.

Kit includes one indoor climate sensor and departure switch - for one room and one exit.

Price £220

Additional VELUX ACTIVE indoor climate sensor (KLA 300)

Requires VELUX ACTIVE indoor climate control starter kit. Additional indoor climate sensor for VELUX ACTIVE.

A control switch for VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows (open/stop/close). Sensor monitors temperature, humidity and CO2 levels.


Price £96

Additional VELUX ACTIVE departure switch (KLN 300)

Requires VELUX ACTIVE starter kit. Additional departure switch for  VELUX ACTIVE. Closes all VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows that are connected with VELUX ACTIVE. Enables secure ventilation through the roof window’s ventilation flap.

Install one departure switch for each exit.

Price £50